What is NanoCrystal Electricity

The technology behind NanoCrystal electricity has been existing for sometime now. A lot of people are beginning to make a hoax over it now. They are making it look like it is some kind of new technology. It is simply a revision of existing principles. It is simply a wireless charging device. The Federation Communication Commission (FCC) just approved and granted permission to a small company call WATT Energous to use frequency at given power. Though some experiments have been done on this, there is still a great limitation of comprehension of the distribution power. It was regarded as the next free energy the world is yet to have by Michael Robinson. Distributed to everybody everywhere without the cumbersome use of cables and all of that.

How does this even work?

It works on very simple principles. This uses the principle of Piezoelectricity.

What is Piezoelectricity

It is the electric charge accumulated in matter when mechanical stress is applied. It simply means electricity that results from latent heat and pressure. Piezoelectricity is used in the detection and production of sound, generating high voltages and electronic frequencies and more.

Tesla carried out successful experiments on this some years back. To run a device on this power or charge a battery, a rectified power collected from a radio transmitter is used. Though this has not proven to be effective. The total amount of energy put in the radio transmitter is equivalent to the amount emitted. So the lapses in this experiment or the failure in application and full utilization of this type of so called new and free power for the world is due to the fact that power sent out to devices from the radio transmitters is sent in all directions and only bits of it are received by the devices. The rest is spread everywhere and anywhere. The range between the transmitter and device in use is just three feet. Well to me, this does not make a lot of sense.

Imagine the number of radio transmitters required to supply a city. As you distant from the transmitter, the lesser energy you get. Imagine the waste.. Let us look at it from another angle. The transmission of this power is via waves. This means that people are constantly exposed to radiations with the recent worries about global warming and exposure to power line fields. Imagine the rise in issues related to constant exposure to radiations by people. Using devices that require high power to function will be very dangerous as unsafe levels of power will have to be transmitted into the room.  Imagine the unbalance it will cause in the atmosphere as it like trigger some undesirable reactions. Well this needs some good reasoning.

As interesting as the whole idea maybe, this technology still needs so many years of studies to be applicable. As of now, it is still a fantasy. Because the challenges in making this a completely acceptable full source of power are still enormous. Though some accomplishments have been made in this regard, there are still load and loads of stuffs that do not make sense like directing energy to one device. How can this be done? These devices are RF receivers. Commercially, it will be very challenging because the amount of power used by people will not be able to be measured or calculated. Then if care is not taken, all the living things on earth exposed to the radiations of NanoCrystal electricity will be microwaved due to unsafe levels of power transmitted. What parameters have been used in calculating the right frequency for transmission?

Companies Producing Nanocrystal Electricity

A lot of people are asking this question “what companies produces NanoCrystal electricity?”  Well the answer is simple. No company has successfully produced and distributed nanocrystal electricity. The potential for making this real is very low. Though Michael Robinson said a whole lot of stuffs in a report he made lately about nanocrystal electricity when he was pitching his Nova-X report and how it will stupidly make you rich, well this need to be taken with some salt as a tiny company like Energous (WATT) as he mentioned in this era cannot fund such an enormous project to the end. After all he is known for making claims that he never been fulfilled or let us just say he is not credible enough. So all the promises made in his report until fulfilled need not be swallowed.

What do people think of the latest found Nanocrystal Electricity Technology?

The recent hoax about nanocrystal electricity has raised several eyebrows and a lot of people are asking a lot of questions and seeking for answers. Since Michael Robinson’s latest report on this, people have suddenly become interested in the tech and want to know more.  Stock Gumshoe in his January 17, 2018 post analyzed in details the report that caused all this hoax about nanocrystal electricity. From his post and the reactions by readers that follow, one would easily say that the whole technology of producing wireless electricity is going to cause more problems than the solution it will provide. A lot of people express their worries about the health hazards involve in the use and how it will aggravate climate change challenges.


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